JV-Arcade - Privacy policy

This policy explains how the “https://jv-arcade.com” website collects your website information during any session.

Your information is collected via two ways:
Firstly, by browsing to a request from the website, the website creates so-called cookies (small text files that are downloaded to the browser’s temporary files). These cookies contain important information, which is absolutely necessary to use the Website. We store such information in the first two cookies: the user ID, and an anonymous session identifier that the system has in your browser. A third cookie will be created once you have browsed topics - is used to store which topics have been read, thereby improving your user experience. As you browse the “JV-Arcade” website, other software such as chat and game room may add other cookies. Chat cookies to store the user ID of the user who is speaking in the chat while the windows are open. The game also uses cookies to identify the first game and use experience-enhancing cookies such as the backlight.

The user can:
At any time, disable the use of cookies by disabling the cookie in your browser.
Guides about cookies: Google Chrome  •  Microsoft Internet Explorer  •  Mozilla Firefox  •  Opera  •  Safari
Use private browsing. With this function, the browser will not save the history, passwords, cookies and other information about the visited webpages.
Enable the function “no track” (if your browser have it).

The other method, which generates information to be stored, is the interaction itself: for example, if a guest or a registered member writes a comment or sign up. In the latter process, you must specify a uniquely identifiable name (hereinafter “your user name”), and, used for logging into, personal password (“password”) or a valid e-mail address (hereinafter “your e-mail address”). The identifier created by you is protected by privacy laws in the country in which the “https://jv-arcade.com” server is located. Other data given that is required during registration depends on the discretion of the website administrators. You have the possibility to choose what information in your account is publicly displayed. In addition, you may choose to allow automatic emails sent to you.

Your password is ciphered (a one-way hash) so that it is secure. However, it is recommended that you do not reuse the same password across a number of different websites. Your password is the means of accessing your account at “JV-Arcade”, so please guard it carefully and under no circumstance will anyone affiliated with “JV-Arcade”, or another 3rd party, legitimately ask you for your password. Should you forget your password for your account, you can use the “I forgot my password” feature, which you can find on the login page. This process will ask you to submit your user name and your e-mail, then will generate a new password to reclaim your account.